Why would you spend New Years Day in IKEA?

Posted in: More News, I decided after returning home from Christmas with relatives that I would completely re-do my bedroom and buy new bedroom furniture. More storage was needed for the growing mound of clothes and a fresh start was on the cards.

On New Years day I dragged my reluctant husband and two young children to IKEA with a promise of a hot dog and ice cream.

I was given less than an hour to find the drawers I had researched online and get the warehouse positions. Our marriage depended on it.

As we arrived in the warehouse, where all customers of IKEA have lost the will to live at some point or another, my husband loaded the flatbed trolley with a giant pile of boxes. We paid and he headed to the car to wrestle them in as I got the hotdogs. The car was groaning as we set off but the boxes were in as well as the children, which was a bonus.

The small issue we had following this trip was how were we going to get the old ones out and the new ones in. This had not been thought through and our almost 10 years of marriage was relying on me coming up with a solution.

I quickly put the old drawers on a Facebook selling group and within minutes my phone was pinging with enquires. They sold quickly and we had 30 minutes to remove the contents and move them downstairs for the buyer. Although this was a relief the state of our bedroom had reached catastrophic heights.

A long story short, including a trip to A&E (the less said about that the better), a return trip to IKEA on a Saturday night and two very bored children, our marriage has survived and the new drawers are taking pride of place. Now comes the mega sort of clothes and deciding who gets which drawers. 

Although this has been quite stressful, it has been a very cleansing exercise and I feel has put me on the right path for 2019. This may seem quite trivial, but there is nothing like a good sort out to make you feel better.

This translates to so many aspects of our lives and as a company we are always cleansing and sorting to be more efficient and effective for ourselves and our customers.

Our mailing house has been working hard to cleanse our data to be up to date to help us target our customers more efficiently. It really does make you feel good when you know your mail is getting to the right place.

If PlatinumHPL can be of service to you and help you cleanse your database, get in touch. Our Suppression Service may just be the clever little bit of software you have been looking for to give you that fresh New Year feel.

Contact us on 01423 881158 or email sales@platinumhpl.co.uk to find out more.