What do you mean it's not BB8?

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When we were asked to go down to our mailing department for a demonstration of PlatinumHPL's new BB300, I thought, how wonderful, this must be a much updated version of loveable Robot BB8 from the latest Star Wars franchise.  How wrong was I?

We arrive in mailing to an excited Alex, our Mailing Manager, ready to show us his new toy.  It was not a cute little Robot, but a gigantic 8-station stuffing and printing machine, all set up for its big demonstration.

Alex walked us through each station, pointing out cameras and showing barcodes explaining each step of the process.  We then had the big switch on.  As this machine set off, we all stood in awe at the speed and precision of the way it was putting bank statements into envelopes with ease.

Like Delia Smith stuffing a turkey, the documents were slipped into the envelopes in a super fast efficient fashion.  As they emerge, they continue on their journey like a sleek roller coaster as the belt flips over the envelope with ease, ready for printing through the Inkjet unit to apply Postage Indicia, rerun addresses or even personalised data to non-windowed envelopes.

This machine really is a thing of beauty to watch.  it is so effortless with reassurance that the cameras will be checking the documents every step of the way with no room for error.  With up to 10,000 completed envelopes per hour, you could have a galaxy full in no time.

To see it in action click here, or better still jump in your Millennium Falcon and pop in for a cuppa so we can show you how it works.