Turns out it wasn't a cocktail afterall!

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It's been a busy few weeks at PlatinumHPL recently, and a noisy few too.  We were told that a Muller Martini was arriving and for a minute I thought this was going to be a yoghurt cocktail, but much to my surprise it was in fact a fancy new saddle stitcher.

As the lorry pulled up, we all waited with baited breath to have the usual conversations of 'have they measured up properly' and 'are you sure it will fit in that space', but low and behold the professionals had it off the lorry and in place within hours.

The fun hadn't started there.  There was a serious amount of preparation that needed to be done before we could even unload the first part.  There was drilling and sanding and spirit levels galore, all to get everything ready and level for the new arrival.


Like a big blue baby the Muller Martini Presto II was gently taken off the gigantic lorry, piece by piece, and carefully put in its new home.  The engineers were on hand to make sure that everything was in working order and the installation began.

The drilling and fitting continued for several days as everything was slotted together and tested to make sure it was working well.  The training was intense but necessary and the team got to work making sure they had got to grips with the touch screen, language-neutral pictograms, ready for those first few jobs to run through.

Our new baby is now firmly in place with a fully trained workforce ready to go.  There is going to be no stopping us now, with up to 9,000 cycles per hour of flexible runs and super efficiency.  So why not give it a try!