Think promotional products don't matter? Think again

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Businesses all over the world are investing more and more in their marketing. Everywhere we look there are advertising boards, TV ads, buses promoting various brands, magazine adverts, online banners and social media galore. It is a none stop frenzy of marketing activity and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Despite all the high cost ads and fancy marketing, there is one area that is often over looked, promotional products. This marketing is still going strong, despite some believing there is no longer a place for it. Contrary to this belief, promotional products are a very powerful marketing tool that should not be over looked.

What is the point in promotional products, I hear you ask?

It's simple, promotional products allow customers to see your brand. They can associate and recognise your brand with the use of a few carefully selected branded items. The more people that recognise your brand. the more people will buy from you. Surely this is a win, win.

What are the best promotional products to use?

It's a great question and a very personal one to your business. It is important to look at your customers and work out what would be most useful to them. If your target audience is Engineering based, perhaps mathematical items such as stainless steel rulers, or good quality pencils would be perfect. If you work in the building trade, perhaps a strong mug for a classic cup of "builders tea" would be appropriate.

Make sure you don't over brand too much. Sometimes subtle branding can be much more appealing that over branded items, hopefully resulting in it being used far more and the customer holding on to the item for longer.

You don't have to spend a fortune

Don't feel like you  have to spend a fortune. Sometimes the most effective items can be the cheapest ones, yet they become the most desired and most enjoyed by your customers. Think about the occasion and plan your promotional items to suit it accordingly.

The world of promo really is your Oyster and your imagination is the only thing holding you back. Be inventive and stand out from the crowd.

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