The post with the most

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I love getting post. I think there is something really exciting about seeing a letter with your name on it come through the letter box. This has changed a little bit over the years as the bills have started to come in, but there are certain times of the year that I still look forward to coming home and seeing a hand written envelope on the doormat.

It was my son’s birthday last week and the cards were coming for several days, the best had to be the one with money in, and I loved how the coloured envelopes stood out from the bank statements and bills.

It got me thinking that companies are getting clever now in the way they attract our attention. Spam emails have reduced as the threat of GDPR hung over us, but door drops are starting to appear more now.  With fancy recyclable packaging and colourful images and envelopes companies are making a real effort to stand out from the crowd and get their products noticed.

I don’t like junk mail, but I do like something that stands out. I don’t mind an interesting letter, or some gold foiling or matt laminate. Something that makes me want to feel the product and read it. It’s hard to get noticed today when every one is doing the same, but just think if that was your product, wouldn’t you like to be different from all the rest and jump out and be the first to be opened.

The possibilities to capture people’s attention with your own bespoke envelope, specifically designed to stand out from the rest, are endless. You can have bright colours, pictures, or even personalisation (beyond the usual name and address) to really get noticed. Don’t be like the rest and make sure you sell yourself before you get opened. I also love a digital stamp, but don't get me started.

With Christmas approaching, this could be the ideal time to create something really special to send out to your customers, where the options are plentiful and you can really make the most of the festive theme.

What’s been the best thing you have had through your door?