Ta'ra Tara

Ta'ra Tara

Posted in: More News, Hi, I’m Tara and I’m currently a marketing research assistant at PlatinumHPL. I’ve been here for 9 weeks now and have grown rather fond of the whole team here, so wanted to give an insight into what it’s like working in the PlatinumHPL HQ.

When did you start working at PlatinumHPL?

I started at PlatinumHPL at the end of June 2019 and am undertaking a 10-week internship. I came across the opportunity advertised through the University of York, where I study, as an exclusive opportunity for their students. The role instantly appealed to me because of the wide breadth of marketing and communications responsibilities that’d be involved in and the fact that the company was so local to me.

What does your role consist of?

I’ve had a few set goals that my managers and I developed at the beginning, which have formed a large part of my day to day tasks. These included getting to grips with analytics software, developing satisfaction surveys and producing social media content. In amongst this, I’ve assisted with the everyday marketing tasks like working on upcoming campaigns, photographing exciting jobs we’ve worked on and engaging with community events.

What’s a particularly memorable project that you’ve been involved with?

One of the most out of the ordinary things actually happened in my first week, which was a coincidentally great way to get to know the people I was working with. PlatinumHPL were part of a community day run by the local radio station, meaning a bunch of us from each company went to help out a local charity. None of us knew what to expect, but we ended up having a great day gardening in the sun, with the added bonus of knowing we were helping a worthy cause. Donning my gardening gloves and walking boots was definitely not something I’d expected to be doing whilst working for a design and print company!

What makes you proud to work at PlatinumHPL?

The people, more than anything. The ethos of the company aligns perfectly with what I feel is important and I’ve been blown away by the amount of time and consideration that is put into each individual customer, prospective included. Everyone happily goes above and beyond to surpass expectations. This is often reflected in the feedback received from customers and one of my favourite parts of the job is sharing this on social media to shout about what a great job the team do.

What do you enjoy about working at PlatinumHPL?

I’d have to say the atmosphere here – it’s just such a lovely place to be. Everyone across all the departments is talkative, friendly and helpful and I can’t believe what a warm welcome I’ve received. I’ll
definitely miss chatting with everyone in the office.

I’ve gained a lot of invaluable knowledge throughout my time at PlatinumHPL, and can’t thank them enough for the experience!