Soft as a peach

Soft as a peach

Posted in: More News, You don't always think about what is going to happen to your printed collateral when you send it out or leave it available for people to take. But what would happen if it stood out from all the other bits of literature in rack?  What if there was a way to add a bit of magic to your print?  You could even increase its life cycle and save it from dirt, grime, moisture and oily finger prints.  Why not have that piece of work you took so much time over protected. We might just have the solution for you. LAMINATION!!!

Laminating your literature is a really good way to protect it from getting dog eared and scruffy, while making it look that little bit more impressive by adding something a little bit different.

In the world of print, we love to feel the pages between our fingers. The thickness of the paper, the grain of uncoated or smoothness of silk.  How about the feel of a soft peach with a soft touch matt laminated finish?

When we started our laminating journey, we had the usual soft touch, gloss, matt and silk, but now we are moving into far more exciting finishes, giving print a completely different lease of life.  Not only can you get some amazing finishes like; embossed fine linen, embossed leather, silver and gold gloss, not to mention the different holographic and metallic films available.

If you are working in a hospital environment or just have a thing about germs, the Anti-bacterial laminate could be right up your street. 

There really are so many options out there to choose from and make your print a truly unique piece.  What could be better than standing out from your competition and increasing the life of your printed products.

Who knew there was such a variety when it comes to laminating and the possibilities that are available.

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