Who wants to swim in a sea of plastic on their holidays?

Posted in: More News, There has been a lot in the news recently about the increasing amount of plastic that is being found in our oceans.  There have been several articles, news reports and television programmes referencing to a sea of plastic in the Caribbean, as well as the now famous picture of a Seahorse holding on to a cotton bud.  India's beaches are taking a real hit with the amount of plastic that is being washed up and there have been huge efforts to clear them recently.

The fact we are poisoning our oceans and its diverse wildlife is a depressing thought, but something we must all take responsibility for.  It is our duty to keep this planet clean and well looked after, as well as a moral responsibility to set the standard for future generations.

We all use plastic and there is no getting away from that, but are we doing enough to make sure it doesn't end up in our Oceans, Seas and Rivers, polluting and killing the wildlife?  Probably not, we could all do more.

What can we do?

Buy responsibly, recycle where you can and re-use what you can.  These are only small changes, but if everyone does it, we can make a difference.

This also applies to business. Now-a-days, there are so many hoops that businesses must jump through, to make sure they comply with all current standards, but is there more that could be done?  Businesses also have responsibility to make sure they are recycling where they can and sourcing appropriately.

At PlatinumHPL we take recycling very seriously.  We recognise that the environmental choices we offer our customers should cover more than just the paper your products are produced on.

We strive to provide the best environmental  and socially responsible papers (100% recycled, Carbon balanced and FSC certified) as well as promotional goods from our 'Eco-friendly' range, which includes products that have been sourced, manufactured and produced from reclaimed materials.

Companies are striving forward with new ideas every day, from Aldi removing the plastic from their Fair trade bananas to Morrison's going back to paper bags instead of plastic ones.  These small changes by big companies are reducing plastic waste enormously.  It's not just money saving, it's life saving.

PlatinumHPL have a few environmentally friendly ideas of our own that you can take advantage of.  Click here to find out what we can do to help you with your environmental conscience.