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Market Leading Postage Discounts

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Once again businesses have been faced with Royal Mail price increase. Working with Platinum will ensure the most cost effective methods of production and postage discounts are available to your business.

Our experience of the many options available to minimise the impact of these price increases has helped both our clients and ourselves grow.

See how we work with the Mannheim motor group to deliver fast, efficient and discounted campaigns

We have recently achieved Mailmark accredited status with the Royal Mail, a new discount now available to many of our clients.

Other ways to cut postage costs:

  • Folder inserters to reduce envelope sizes to qualify for pricing in proportion discounts, we also provide endorsed booklet making services. This allows A4 multi page booklets to achieve standard letter postage pricing with a simple inline fold.

  • Our address quality software will improve the deliverability of your mail and in many cases ensure you qualify for Royal Mail volume discounts on batch mailings.

  • Taking advantage of all of the options we provide you have the opportunity to reduce postage costs significantly. To better understand the options available and how we can help businesses reduce their postage costs, contact us now on 01423 881158, email or alternatively visit our mailing page.

    Calculate the potential cost savings with our postage calculator