Not quite business as usual

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Life here at PlatinumHPL has been changed by this horrid virus as it has done for everyone around the world. If you were to tell us in January that our business for marketing and events would drop to nearly nothing and that instead we would be printing and mailing out hundreds of thousands of information letters to households and producing a large volume of floor graphics and acrylic screens, we wouldn’t believe you.

As have most of our customers and suppliers, we have furloughed a number of staff and moved and retrained our non-furloughed staff to work in different departments. We have the pre-press team out doing deliveries, the estimating team helping run the envelope inserter and one of our directors running the booklet maker, times are very different here at PlatinumHPL. We miss our friends and colleagues and appreciate them more as the days go on. We are thankful of our team working here tirelessly to get important jobs out the door and work outside their comfort zone when required.

Hopefully it now looks like the end is in sight, but we are not holding our breath. We are hearing more from our usual customers and we’ve been able to unfurlough some of the team. As we see businesses and retailers re-opening we have developed social distancing products to help our customers work safely and keep their customers safe. We have designed acrylic screens to protect staff and visitors, along with our usual supply of pull up banners, posters, floor and wall graphics to reinforce the social-distancing message. If you need any help and advice on social distancing signage and products please give us a call on 01423 881158 or email us at

Look after yourselves and stay safe.

The PlatinumHPL Team