Muller Martini Presto II

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With all the talk of a new Royal Baby, we are delighted to announce our own new arrival, along with a fully trained workforce ready to go.

Always keen to invest in their future, PlatinumHPL have recently taken delivery of The Presto II Saddle Stitcher.  based on the proven and successful line of Muller Martini entry level saddle stitchers, The Presto II can be run at speeds of up to 9,000 cycles per hour, providing very efficient and flexible runs.

With a space saving layout, combined with a high level of automation, it makes this saddle stitcher the most productive and efficient on the market.

There are many competitive advantages, so it is easy to see why The Presto II was a perfect fit for  PlatinumHPL:

  • Easy-to-learn touch screen operation with language-neutral pictograms
  • Automatic synchronisation of gathering chain, feeder, stitching machine and three knife trimmer
  • Automatic synchronisation of yoke trimming
  • Assisted setup of feeders through local control device
  • Storage and loading of job speeds up to 9,000 cycles per hour
  • Expansion by up to six twin feeders
  • Large product size range; small size of 93 x 60mm possible in two-up production
  • Landscape and Portrait available

With a large easy to use touch screen, our operators are guided through each step of the job, making setup easier than ever and ensuring less productive waste.  The folder feeder and flat pile feeder, which is expandable to a maximum of 6 twin feeders, ensures efficiency throughout each job.

Our skilled work force has been through rigorous training to become proficient on the Presto II and are already doing some of the most complicated jobs we do.

Congratulations guys!

Our fully trained team with their certificates. L-R: Paul Turner, Paul Cuddy from Muller Martini, Dean Ingham & Kieran Jones