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The World Cup is fast approaching and England are gearing up to put in their usual performance. (Make of that what you will.) 

At PlatinumHPL we have been training the best of the best for some time now to create an elite sales team with the skills to rival any international football team.  Only our guys are selling print services and football players are kicking a ball. Either way, we have a wonderful team of people who are genuinely passionate about what they do and the customers they do it for.

Our team is a diverse group of individuals with their own back stories, but a common love of all things print related.  We work hard to create the best for clients and this is down to the support network that comes with any great team.

As well as our players (sales), we have our managers (Owners) who guide us through the play and strategy, investing in our company and brand to be able to bring the best to our customers.  We have the Physios (front office estimators, pay roll, accounts, marketing and admin) who keep the players going in their time of need.  Finally we have the WAGs, stick with me on this, (the designers, pre press, printers, finishers, mailing and production) who are the ones who transform the ideas into the glamorous end product.

One doesn't work without the others to make the whole thing come together and PlatinumHPL are definitely one big team working towards the same goal.

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