Forget your hybrid cars, we've got hybrid mail

Forget your hybrid cars, we've got hybrid mail

Posted in: More News, There is a lot in the news at the moment about hybrid this and hybrid that, so when I overheard some discussions at work about hybrid mail, I thought it must be something to do with some kind of fusion, cleaner post.

In a way, I wasn’t a million miles off. It is a time saving, energy saving system that also saves you, the customer, money. Hybrid Mail is mail delivered using a combination of electronic and physical delivery. It generally involves digital data being transformed into a physical letter and distributed via usual postal services.

Why would you not just do this yourself and save even more money than using a 3rd party?

It’s a good question and one that should be asked when investing in any service like this.

The upshot is that you won’t save as much money doing it yourself as you would if you use our system. We can print, enclose and mail your letter for a fraction more than you would pay for just the postage.

Surely, it’s a bit of a no brainer then? You can pay someone to do the time consuming monthly, weekly or daily job that takes up your staff time for little more than what you are paying for the postage.

I don’t send that much mail out, is it worth it for me?

Absolutely. You can group your mailings to benefit from postal savings. Rather than sitting there and matching your items by hand, we can do all that for you, completing the job in half the time, or faster.

You don’t need to be constantly mail merging documents and printing them, you can just upload everything to the portal and we will do the rest.

You can even combine it with our Gone Away Suppression Service and clean up your data as you go, saving you even more money in the future by not sending unnecessary post.

When you think about it like that, it’s a win,win, so get in touch today and see how PlatinumHPL can help you mail out.