How do you get the most out of your promotional items?

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As a Marketing Manager, I find myself flicking through promotional brochures for inspiration and wondering which items will work best for our business and customers.  What will draw customers' attention to our brand and make them think of us when they use it?  What would a customer find useful and not want to put in the bin as soon as they get it?

By developing a clear strategy you can ensure your investment isn't a waste of time and money.

Choosing something relevant

The key is knowing your customer base.  Who is going to receive the product?  What are their interests? What will they perceive of value and want to retain?  These are all crucial points for choosing the right product to send out.

Choosing a promotional product that is relevant and reusable is a sensible way to get value for money, especially if you know it is something your customer needs. A promotional product that matches the recipients' daily lifestyle can be a helping factor in boosting brand perception.

Keep it simple, but effective

Promotional products should speak for themselves.  Don't miss an opportunity to make an impact by cramming too much information on your product.  Remember, less is more.

Appeal to your customers by making your products simple but useful, while fitting your target customer's tastes.  Some research on your target market can be a great guide in helping you choose the right product for your desired effect.

Be careful with design

Careful consideration to the design of your promotional product can make a big difference.  Whether it is the colour, or the size and positioning of your logo and contact details, you should spend some time making sure it looks its best.

Anything your company sends out is a reflection on your brand and can have an impact on its perception in the marketing place.  Making sure your products are good quality and looking great is very important.

Use your promotional products in the right situation

Choosing the right opportunity to hand out your promotional items is just as important as picking the right item. Timing is important, an ice scraper in August will not be welcomed in quite the same way as it would on a cold, frosty December morning.  Get it wrong and your item will end up in a draw not being used, in the bin or added to the large pile of others from competitors.

Sending a 'thank you' to your customers for their continued business over the last 12 months or taking items along to a trade show or exhibition is the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation to your customers, whether they are new or existing.

By thinking through these points you will get a clear understating of the type of product that is suited to your business and customers.  Take your time and get the right promotional product which will showcase your brand in the right light and keep your fresh in your customers' minds.

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