Gone Away Suppression Service

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Are you tired of having to manually go through all of your returned mail after a DM campaign?  Are you tired of manually updating your database to conform to GDPR regulations with opt outs?

Well, why not let PlatinumHPL do the hard work for you.

Our in-house developed technology can quickly, and more importantly, accurately capture your returned mailers.  With a simple addition of a small barcode, (not even necessary if your mailers have been mailed via Mailmark service), we can return to you a list, appended with the reasons of your returned mailers.  We have a list of generic reasons for return, such as goneaway, refused, incomplete address and many more.  If you want us to include specific reasons to your data policies, then let us know and we'll happily oblige.

Why does returned mail need to be captured?

With new GDPR regulations now in effect you are obliged to record if people wish to be removed from your mailing lists.  From a cost point of view, knowing that an address is un-deliverable or inaccessible prevents you from sending multiple mailings to an address that isn't seeing them.

One more thing...

As we are an ISO27001 certified business, why not let us hold on to your suppression list and screen every subsequent mailing against it.  Not only will we continue to append to it after each mailing, but you will end up with a nice squeaky clean mailing list for future mailings, without having to splash out on expensive 3rd party lists.

So, how does it work then? (The geeky bit)

When we receive your data in anticipation of mailing it out, we assign a unique numeric string to each piece, usually the job and sequence number.  Using these two pieces of information you are guaranteed to always have unique string as we never re-use job numbers.  This unique 'code' is then printed as a data matrix barcode or used within the 'free' characters within a Mailmark barcode.  Then, if we receive a return we simply scan the barcode into our software, which separates the job number from the sequence and flags it as returned on the database, along with a reason.

Is it secure?

Yes. If a member of the public was to scan the barcode with a handheld device all they would see is a string of seemingly random numbers.  There is no personal information stored within the barcode.  Your data is stored securely on our mailing data server and is AES-256 bit encrypted, meaning your data is kept nice and safe.  This of course is backed by our ISO27001 accreditation.

How long until I get my data back?

Usually within 14 days of the mailing landing we would have received all of the returns back from Royal Mail. Occasionally international items can take significantly longer.  We can then release the flagged data back to you.

This system really will be a significant benefit with the introduction of GDPR, as well as being cost saving.

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