How do we know we are getting it right at Christmas?

How do we know we are getting it right at Christmas?

Posted in: More News, More News, It comes round every year and the build up starts earlier and earlier each year, but for some reason it still takes me by surprise.  I enjoy Christmas and having small children makes it all the more fun, but also brings with it an element of stress.

Every year we visit Father Christmas and wait with baited breath to make sure our children follow the script of asking for something that we have hopefully bought in the Black Friday sales. This was once foiled a couple of years ago by our then 4 year old suggesting he might ask for an air conditioning unit, instead of the Playmobil police station he was actually going to get.  Luckily he kept his word and asked for the police station.  There is always that moment though when your little one asks for something very specific that you just haven’t got and despite having Amazon Prime, just won’t get there in time.

It’s no different when it comes to work and making sure we are organised for the run up to Christmas. Every year we send out some goodies to our customers, along with Christmas cards and calendars.  We start with good intentions in August designing and coming up with a plan and feeling smug at how organised we are only to find that by mid November we will now be running round like headless chickens trying to pull it all together to give the sales team enough time to deliver everything in time for Christmas.

We always get there in the end and each year we seem to be going bigger and better.  Sometimes I don’t think it matters how much planning and organising you can do, it will never be enough and there will always be that last minute panic as one of the sales team send you that last minute name that needs adding to a list that was completed two weeks before.

The upshot is that you can be as organised as you like but something may come along and put a spanner in the works.   If you do find that you need something last minute though, PlatinumHPL are very accommodating and usually get it turned around in the time you need.  Don’t be afraid to give us a call, it’s never too late (unless it’s Christmas day and then we will be tucking into our Christmas Dinner).