Everyone loves a sticker, no matter how old

Everyone loves a sticker, no matter how old you are

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I loved stickers when I was little.  We used to have book that had loads of them in.  I have no idea why we had this, but I loved looking through them and touching all the different ones.  There were textured ones, shiny ones, fury ones, raised ones, you name it, there were loads. There was a little shop in
town where you could go and there was something very exciting about going and getting some stickers.

My son comes home from school now with stickers all over his jumper, which I usually forget to remove and then wash said jumper leaving a sticky mark all over the front. Although he acts cool, I know he loves getting a sticker for eating all his lunch or completing a task and being able to choose a sticker from the teacher. Don't even get me started about a trip to the dentist.

Stickers are fun and I don’t think you ever stop loving them, no matter how old you are.

When I first joined PlatinumHPL I was asked to promote a product called Easy Dot. It’s an interesting product that can transform your windows, doors or any surface.  It is easy to apply and doesn’t require a professional fitter. You won’t be left with bubbles as the clever little air channels running between the dots enable a bubble free application.

Many people worry that when they stick something on a window it will be a nightmare to remove.  There
is no issue with Easy Dot, it’s residue free and re-usable if you desire, making this product so versatile and the ultimate re-usable sticker.

You can reverse print so it can be placed in your windows and advertise to the world, you can print in vibrant colours to really make a picture pop, or you can create delicate leaves and build an amazing picture in your shop window.  The possibilities are endless.

If you are looking for a great time and cost saving product to transform your windows, this is the product for you. Get in touch today for a FREE sample.  You won’t be disappointed.