Easy Like Sunday Morning

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Sunday morning is for playing golf or if the weather is foul, writing blogs about something in which you believe.

If Easy Dot attended school and took its A Levels it would definitely return 3 A's...

  • Affordable
  • Applicable
  • Applied

This hassle free vinyl is made of a unique pattern of adhesive dots that create air channels that make bubbles vanish at the brush of a finger.  As the fitting of graphics often costs more than manufacture, the fact that it can be applied without the services of a professional fitter makes it eminently affordable.  It is applicable in the modern workplace to utilise wall/window art. 

Many companies are embracing the concept to transmute impersonal space into unique communal space fashioning a more creative environment where staff feel at ease.  Research has revealed that such surroundings play a role in productivity improvements.  The UK has recorded no increase in this field since 2010 so maybe it is time to invest.

Living up to its name Easy Dot recently helped me overcome a shopping centre challenge.  When shops were in transition, traditional vinyl was applied to their windows to obscure interior work from passing shoppers.  This vinyl had to be printed to order and fitted by teams of professionals at unsociable hours.  A surfeit of Easy Dot is now in situ and being fitted by maintenance staff who are on site full time and are able to schedule the work accordingly.   This is saving time and money.

In conclusion, if you are serious about internal and external communications, I would recommend being a partner of Easy Dot and enjoy a wonderful relationship.  Absolute minimum, be a player and use Easy Dot (many times!)