Congratulations to Samantha Moulson

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PlatinumHPL would like to congratulate Samantha Moulson for passing her Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing certificate in Direct Mail. Having completed the course and sat her final examination, Samantha has achieved a fantastic result leaving PlatinumHPL very proud.

PlatinumHPL have specialists in each area of the business in order to be able to better support our customers and colleagues alike. We take great pride in the development of our staff and are keen to encourage it at every stage in order to constantly improve the services and knowledge we have to offer our customers.

Our account managers are well versed in all areas of the business and are keen to support our customers, whether it is Direct Mail, Large Format, Design, and Corporate Gifts or Digital, we are here to help.

Sam’s recent completion of the IDM course combined with her in depth knowledge of mailing methods and discounts available really sets her apart. This comprehensive course looks beyond the basics of DM, focusing on understanding the role of DM within marketing and fully appreciating its strengths.

With modules on planning, data, law and evaluation, the course has allowed Sam to understand and integrate DM campaigns with confidence and purpose. The course isn’t just about a successful standalone DM; it’s about integration, evaluation and constantly developing the best campaigns, ones that stand out from the crowd.

When asked about the course Sam said “Being able to use and share my knowledge with customers DM campaigns has proved of great benefit and value. I’m enjoying applying what I have learnt; I’ve already seen the impact on recent campaigns. If I can advise on our customers next DM and improve the results and return, then really that’s the icing on the cake for me.”

Congratulations once again Sam on your fantastic achievement, from everyone at PlatinumHPL.