Big is definitely beautiful

Big is definitely beautiful

Posted in: More News, When we get a new machine, we don't just have it delivered and then press print, we have hours of preparation to do in advance.

From travelling to manufacturers to select the best machine for our business, site preparation and days of installation, to training and testing, there is a lot to get through.

Our new large format machine has arrived and with UV LED print technology, we are excited to see what it can do.  The last 12 months have seen a huge increase in the demand for our large format department which has resulted in this significant investment, the largest PlatinumHPL have made outside Litho.

In order to be able to sustain the demand from our customers we have had to look at the best machine for the job, and this, we feel, is the AGFA Jeti Tauro H2500 LED. With significant increase in the speed of output, the possibilities for high-end sign and display printing are endless.

We don't want to compromise on quality and this machine really is the best. A true high-end hybrid printer, ruggedly built to handle extreme workloads, we know this is going to be up for the job.

To put what it is capable of into perspective, in our 16-hour working day we would be able to print either of the following:

    >     4,400 personalised Milk Tray boxes
    >     Side boards for 12 full sized premiership football pitches
    >     440,000 coasters 
    >     2,200 eco banners
    >     440 x 10m² wallpaper

With outstanding print quality in six colours plus white or primer, this machine is the crème de la crème of large format printing. The UV LED print technology is economical and ecological and with instant on and off, there is no warm up time needed. It releases no ozone gas and has a low energy consumption adding to PlatinumHPL's environmental commitments.

We are confident that with this new machine we will be able to more than keep up with our customers demands and continue to expand our range that we are able to offer.

Come and visit us to have a look at it in action.