All that glitters is gold

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They started talking about foils at work and I thought we had got onto a serious discussion about dying our hair, until I realised that we were on a completely different topic and it had nothing to do with wrapping your hair and applying something to change its colour.

Instead we were talking about something that can add a bit of sparkle and panache to your print. Something that is going to make you stand out from the crowd and get you noticed, we were talking foiling and embossing.

When the new foiler arrived, the excitement was real. Foiling isn't a new concept to PlatinumHPL, we are used to doing it, but there is nothing quite like a new machine to get the troops all fired up.

We got the plates made up and progress was good. The first job was one for a well known company who have nothing but the best when it comes to their print and packaging. I watched as the new machine cranked itself up and began to get going.  It really was sight to behold.

What I wasn't prepared for was the heat. Yes, it's hot foiling, but honestly, you could make a successful cheese toastie at the same time when this machine is going. Perhaps this is a side-line we should consider.

The accuracy and detail that this foiling and embossing machine can do is quite something. From the most delicate lines on a leaf to very straight edges.

It's amazing what a bit foiling can do to a bit of print. We don't mean a bit of kitchen foil that you wrap your leftovers with, we mean a sparkly bit of foil. Don't delay and add that bit of glamour to your print. It doesn't have to be a big area, but I can make you stand out from the crowd.

If you would like a little sample, get in touch and we will send you one out. We guarantee you won't be able to keep your hands off it.

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