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Forget your hybrid cars, we've got hybrid mail

Posted in: More News, Forget your hybrid cars, we've got hybrid mail There is a lot in the news at the moment about hybrid this and hybrid that, so when I overheard some discussions in work about hybrid mail, I thought it must be something to do with some kind of fusion, cleaner post.
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Balsam Bashing

Posted in: More News, Balsam Bashing The sun doesn’t shine that often in Harrogate, and when it does, you’d rarely find yourself spending the day out of the office in a beautiful garden. Yet, that’s what I was lucky enough to be doing today on my first week with PlatinumHPL!
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Soft as a peach

Posted in: More News, Soft as a peach In the world of print, we love to feel the pages between our fingers. The thickness of the paper, the grain of uncoated or smoothness of silk. How about the feel of a soft peach with a soft touch matt laminated finish?
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Big is definitely beautiful

Posted in: More News, Big is definitely beautiful When we get a new machine, we don't just have it delivered and then press print, we have hours of preparation to do in advance.
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All that glitters is gold

Posted in: More News, All that glitters is gold When the new foiler arrived, the excitement was real. Foiling isn't a new concept to PlatinumHPL, we are used to doing it, but there is nothing quite like a new machine to get the troops all fired up.
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