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Not quite business as usual

Posted in: More News, The challenges of Covid-19
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The writings on the wall

Posted in: More News, The writings on the wall When I first joined PlatinumHPL, I had no idea about the different things that we could produce. You hear printers and you just assume paper; well I did when I was new to it all. As I was shown round the building, I noticed all the bright wall paper standing out and realised that it was all produced in-house.
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Promotional Panic

Posted in: More News, More News, Promotional Panic Do you ever start organising an event, the long planning, the emails and meetings, the banners and signage, the collateral, and then realise you have forgotten to organise a fabulous giveaway at a next to nothing price for 2,000 people and you only have 5 days and its Chinese New Year and nothing will arrive until after the event? And breathe…
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Holidays are coming

Posted in: More News, Holidays are coming As the final pumpkins make their way to the compost heap, the planning begins for the next big thing. It comes around quicker every year, but the excitement is still there, just waiting to hear the chime of ‘holidays are coming, holidays are coming’ and see the adverts ramp up. There is no avoiding it, Christmas is on its way.
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The post with the most

Posted in: More News, The post with the most I love getting post. I think there is something really exciting about seeing a letter with your name on it come through the letter box. This has changed a little bit over the years as the bills have started to come in, but there are certain times of the year that I still look forward to coming home and seeing a hand written envelope on the doormat.
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