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What do you mean it's not BB8?

Posted in: Investment, Direct mail, Direct mail, What do you mean it's not BB8? When we were asked to go down to our mailing department for a demonstration of PlatinumHPL's new BB300, I thought, how wonderful, this must be a much updated version of loveable Robot BB8 from the latest Star Wars franchise. How wrong was I?
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Who wants to swim in a sea of plastic on their holidays?

Posted in: Environmental, Who wants to swim in a sea of plastic on their holidays? There has been a lot in the news recently about the increasing amount of plastic that is being found in our oceans. There have been several articles, new reports and television programmes referencing to a sea of plastic in the Caribbean, as well as the now famous picture of a Seahorse holding on to a cotton bud.
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Gone Away Suppression Service

Posted in: Direct mail, Hints & Tips, General News, Gone Away Suppression Service Are you tired of having to manually go through all of your returned mail after a DM campaign? Are you tired of manually updating your database to conform to GDPR regulations with opt outs? Well, why not let PlatinumHPL do the hard work for you.
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Meet our Team

Posted in: General News, Staff News, Meet our Team The World Cup is fast approaching and England are gearing up to put in their usual performance. (Make of that what you will.) At PlatinumHPL we have been training the best of the best for some time now to create an elite sales team with the skills to rival any international football team.
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To Affinity and Beyond!

Posted in: General News, To Affinity and Beyond! PlatinumHPL have re-launched their Affinity Reward Scheme this week. See how you can benefit today.
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