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For the love of boxes

Posted in: Large Format, Design & Marketing, For the love of boxes What could be more exciting than receiving a little coloured box through the post. Something to really stand out in a pile of post and get your brand into peoples minds.
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Happy 30th Birthday PlatinumHPL!

Posted in: General News, Staff News, Happy 30th Birthday PlatinumHPL! How do you sum up the last 30 years? This is just a small taste of what PlatinumHPL has been up to over the last 30 years.
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What do you mean it's not BB8?

Posted in: Investment, Direct mail, Direct mail, What do you mean it's not BB8? When we were asked to go down to our mailing department for a demonstration of PlatinumHPL's new BB300, I thought, how wonderful, this must be a much updated version of loveable Robot BB8 from the latest Star Wars franchise. How wrong was I?
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Who wants to swim in a sea of plastic on their holidays?

Posted in: Environmental, Who wants to swim in a sea of plastic on their holidays? There has been a lot in the news recently about the increasing amount of plastic that is being found in our oceans. There have been several articles, new reports and television programmes referencing to a sea of plastic in the Caribbean, as well as the now famous picture of a Seahorse holding on to a cotton bud.
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Gone Away Suppression Service

Posted in: Direct mail, Hints & Tips, General News, Gone Away Suppression Service Are you tired of having to manually go through all of your returned mail after a DM campaign? Are you tired of manually updating your database to conform to GDPR regulations with opt outs? Well, why not let PlatinumHPL do the hard work for you.
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