High volume postage services Yorkshire, UK

Postage Services

When sending a large number of items by post there are various options that can result in considerable savings. Our highly experienced Account Managers are able to identify and suggest the most cost effective process of getting your mail delivered. Rather than basing the price of sending post only on the weight of your items, our system is based on both size and weight.

PIP (Pricing in Proportion) – The pricing structure includes three main formats

Max Weight: 100g - Max Height: 165mm - Max Width: 240mm - Max Thickness: 5mm

Large Letters
Max Weight: 750g - Max Height: 353mm - Max Width: 250mm - Max Thickness: 25mm
0-100g, 101-250g, 251-750g – in steps of 1g

A3 packets: Max Weight: 750g - Max Height: 420mm - Max Width: 297mm - Max Thickness: 25mm
Other packets: 0-100g, 101-250g, 251-1000g – in steps of 1g

With PlatinumHPL Mailing Services, you can send your C4 (Large Letter) Direct Mail at pre PIP rates utilizing Royal Mail’s Mailsort. Saving you the inconvenience of folding to C5 and more importantly saving £££

PlatinumHPL post logo - As a downstream access provider, we are able to offer considerable savings on mail sorted items. Our postal service is 2-3 days with the majority of items landing on the second day. 

For more information, please feel free to contact us on 01423 881158 or email us at sales@platinumhpl.co.uk.