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PlatinumHPL's LeanDM service and why should you cleanse your data?

We work closely with the software bureau  using cygnus software to provide fast, secure methods to improve the integrity of your business or consumer data.

It is estimated that over 3m people move home every year and 600,000 die, there are on average 75,000 registrations monthly on TPS, and 240 businesses move each day.

These changes cause both business and consumer data decay quite quickly. Data integrity within customer communications and marketing campaigns has a direct impact on the response rates, campaign costs and also the consumer’s perception of the organisation.

Cleansing your data will:

  • Reduce costs associated with contacting individuals who cannot or will not respond
  • Improve the effectiveness of your communications, improving response rates and return on your marketing investment
  • Reduce the risk of causing consumer annoyance and potentially damaging your brand reputation
  • Ensure that data and marketing communications are compliant with many data regulatory requirements

Savings Calculator

We can help you identify the potential savings that data cleansing could deliver as your data can be checked against all or just some of the following:

  • Consumer Data
  • Deceased
  • Movers 
  • Dedupe (individual/family/house)
  • Mailing Preference Service 
  • Postcode Address File
  • Telephone Preference Service 
  • Tele Append and Verify
  • Fax Preference Service 
  • Goneaway(s)

Financial benefits

Inaccurate data costs money! Accurate name and address information, identifying and removing those who cannot or will not respond, and avoiding mailing the same person more than once (de-duplication), are just some of the methods which will reduce your mailing costs.

Increased profitability and return on marketing investment are achieved by using up to date change of address information, you can regain contact with individuals whom you have had a previous relationship with, but have since lost contact. Improve consumer perception

Improving the integrity of your data by addressing individuals correctly, and identifying those that have moved house, died, or have indicated that they do not want to receive direct mail, can reduce the risk of causing consumer annoyance and creating a negative brand image for you.

Ensure compliance

Mailing deceased individuals is the single largest cause of complaints to the Information Commissioner. The 4th principle of the Data Protection Act states organisations have a responsibility to ensure that the consumer data they use is accurate and up to date and that they follow the DMA’s best practice suppression guidelines. Failure to comply with these regulations can not only mean you could face a monetary fine, (£5,000 per breach of the TPS regulations), but also risks negative publicity within the Industry and your consumers.

Business Data

Your data could be checked against all or some of the following

  • Mailing Preference Service 
  • Postcode Address File
  • Mailing Preference Service
  • Telephone Preference Service 
  • Tele Append and Verify
  • Fax Preference Service 

You will receive the number of records excluded, the potential campaign cost savings.

Reduce costs

Identifying and removing businesses that have moved or closed, and ensuring that individuals/organisations are not mailed more than once with the same offer reduces wasted mailing costs associated with inaccurate information.

Maximise customer relationships

Targeting the right offer at the right individual has never been so important in the B2B marketplace. Enhancing your business data with additional insight and information can improve your response rates and ROI, Ensuring relevance improves the chances that your mailings will be opened and read.

Accurate, up to date and correctly presented campaigns help reduce the risk of annoyance and creating a negative brand image.


B2B organisations have a legal responsibility to remove individuals who have registered with the Fax Preference Service and the Corporate Telephone Preference Service. Business data relating to an individual within an organisation is also considered 'personal' information, and as such is subject to the various regulations within the Data Protection Act. Ensuring compliance with these data regulations not only removes the risk of incurring financial penalties (breach of Corporate TPS or FPS), but also protects the organisation from complaints and negative publicity.

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