Direct Mail Marketing, Mailsort

Direct Mail Marketing Services

Our 6000 sq ft mailing department is equipped with both polywrap and envelope inserting lines. Personalisation in both mono and colour, using high-speed laser and inkjet. 

  • Mailsort
  • Publishing Mail
  • Business Mail
  • Access to Downstream Access (DSA) service providers such as TNT, Secured Mail, One post etc
  • Data deduplication and cleansing
  • Inkjet personalisation onto envelopes and postcards
  • Digital print in both Mono and Colour
  • Multiple item insertion into envelopes and clear polywrap
  • Storage and Distribution
  • Supply of data

Advantages of using direct mail marketing

Targeted - Customer profiles used to reach a specific audience.

Tangible - Emails are easy to ignore, Direct mail is picked up, studied and considered

Personal - Customised campaigns help build relationships

Measurable - Including a specific response channel will ensure you know exactly how many people have engaged

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