Digital Stamps

Digital Stamps

What are Digital Stamps?

Royal Mail Digital stamps are an alternative to the usual single colour PPI’s found on bulk mail packs.

How do you qualify to use Digital Stamps?

To qualify for using digital stamps, your data needs to be of sufficient quality to meet the requirements for mailmark mailings.  Whether that is sorted or unsorted, for this 90% of your data needs to be able to be matched to Royal Mail’s Postcode Address File (PAF). Your mail piece must also conform to mailmark specifications.

Why use PlatinumHPL?

Digital stamps are not available to every mail house.  PlatinumHPL need to be authorised and accredited by Royal Mail to, quite literally, print stamps. This gives you access to another tool in your arsenal to produce bespoke and personalised items for your customers with PlatinumHPL.

What do Digital Stamps look like?

Digital Stamps are quite literally a printed stamp.  You will definitely do a double take when you see them printed.  As well as the standard 1st & 2nd class and large 1st & 2nd class stamps, Royal Mail are releasing seasonal versions, such as Christmas editions and Alice in Wonderland to celebrate 100 years since the book was published.


2nd Class Alice in Wonderland 2nd Class Christmas 2018
1st Class Large 1st Class
2nd Class Large 2nd Class


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