Case Study Mailing




The Manheim Group in the UK has over 60 years of expertise and 24 business locations throughout the UK, offering vehicle manufacturers, dealers, fleet and leasing companies and the general public an unparalleled range of automotive solutions integral to the 4 stages of the lifecycle of used vehicles: in-use, off-use, wholesale and retail.
In the UK alone their services influence the wholesale or retail sale of ¾ million vehicles every year.

Vehicle auction catalogues were produced at pivotal points of the year, these were extremely tight turnaround and required precision planning and production guarantees. Previously these were produced by copying locally and ferrying the catalogues (backwards and forwards) to the offices of the local Manheim branch in small amounts.
Manheim staff then fulfilled with insertion into envelopes and applied address labels. Manheim staff then sent these out 1st class post.
Needless to say it became evident as their needs grew this had become cumbersome, time consuming and expensive.
As a preferred supplier of Manheim, PlatinumHPL have supplied various large format, digital and lithographic printing. We were challenged to improve the supply chain in as many ways as possible and reduce the overall budget.

The Solution:
• Pre-book the print /mailing production space prior to the scheduled event
• Establish clear cut off points for artwork reception/artwork sign off
• Establish a clear timeline for production to mail landing on doorsteps with both parties fully included
• Pre-manufacture the covers in 4 colour to boost the professional look of the catalogue and
  aid the timeline
• Print overnight
• Booklet make and mail the next day with personalisation directly onto envelopes
• Mail using Low Sort 1st class to maximize postal savings whilst remaining on schedule

• Less work for Manheim saving time and money
• Manheim staff redeployed to more effective, productive tasks
• Cost savings on print production without increasing timescale
• Cost saving on mailing by utilising a fully automated process
• Substantial postal savings through low sort
• A higher impact, more robust and professional looking catalogue

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