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Recycled Paper

The true story…
You may already know that choosing recycled paper is the right thing to do, but it's always good to be reminded why. By choosing recycled paper you’re showing the world that you believe in a brighter future and that positivity, can now be matched by clean, crisp, bright white recycled paper.

The fresh, new generation of recycled papers means you no longer need to compromise on quality, aesthetics or your environmental principles.

Fact 1
Virgin paper production followed by incineration with energy recover consumes twice as much energy as recycling.

Fact 2:
The landfill stage has been found to contribute as much as 50-75% of total carbon emissions over a typical paper life cycle.

Fact 3:
Burying waste paper as landfill produces methane gas, which is 23 times more harmful to the environment than CO2.

recycled paper lifecycle


The benefits of recycled paper…to your business...
Almost every business uses paper, it’s easy to recycle, and these days many offices do collect their waste paper, so awareness of recycling paper is ever improving. Also, in comparison with other green initiatives the move to using recycled paper is easier and more economical to implement.

What’s more, there’s no ambiguity about the benefits of recycled paper. While other ‘green’ initiatives such as agrofuels continue to be controversial, the use of recycled paper is scientifically endorsed by international authorities such as the UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) and environmental organisations such as the WWF and Greenpeace.

That’s why many other businesses have already implemented a responsible purchasing policy as part of their wider ranging CSR policy.

to the environment...
Using recycled paper saves energy, reduces water consumption, diverts waste from landfill and cuts down on air pollution. By extending the life cycle of the original virgin fibres, recycling paper delays CO2 emissions by storing the carbon.

The manufacturing process of recycled paper uses less energy, so it has a much lower carbon footprint than that of virgin fibre stock, and therefore helps to limit global warming.

The manufacturing process also creates less waste compared to the manufacture of virgin fibre papers. The de-inking sludge can be recycled or reused, as the sludge is non-toxic it gets reused as fertilisers, bricks or cement.

to the community...
Recycling paper creates employment. On average, ten times more jobs are involved in recycling items of waste rather than dumping waste at a rubbish tip, so recycling creates many more jobs per tonne of waste and generates a flow of materials that is capable of supplying the industry.

Recycling waste paper also relieves communities of the burden of disposing of their waste, as well as limiting the amount of waste they send to landfill.

to your brand...
As well as benefiting the environment, recycled paper can also be good for your brand. With most companies making a public commitment to their values, the environment is a key part of everyone’s CSR communications.

Choosing recycled paper is a simple decision that makes a big difference, these days it’s one of the easiest, clearest and most measurable ways to communicate your company’s values.

Using recycled paper is a great way to remind your customers they’re in good hands. As well as being a simple way to uphold your brand values, it’s also one of the most visible; each and every piece of recycled paper-based communication you send them is further proof of your commitment to the environment.

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