Carbon Capture, Platinum Print, Harrogate, North Yorkshire

Carbon Capture

It continues to be of great importance to PlatinumHPL that we honour our commitment to helping customers make the right decision on the paper they use with minimum environmental impact.

Capturing and storing carbon from the atmosphere is vital in the fight against climate change and with this in mind, we work closely with our suppliers who work alongside the Woodland Trust’s Woodland Carbon scheme to mitigate the CO2 emissions generated by the production, storage and distribution of paper.

By buying responsibly PlatinumHPL customers are able to curb their carbon emissions with the planting of trees, thanks to the carbon capture scheme which can now be offset against the majority of stocks and materials.

Currently the scheme has captured almost 57,000 tonnes of carbon. That’s as heavy as 11,000 elephants or 11.3 billion sheets of A4 paper.

To find out more about the scheme and how you would be making a difference click here.


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