brown box recycling

Brown Box Recycling - It needn't cost the earth!

You’ve finished with your PlatinumHPL Boxes, what can you do with them?

  • We have been running a free of charge brown box recycling scheme since 2010.
  • We will come and collect your used PlatinumHPL boxes for recycling next time we visit or when we are passing.
  • Just drop us an email or give us a call 01423 881158 so we can make arrangements.

Recycling your waste paper

We will also recycle your waste paper too just pop it in the PlatinumHPL brown boxes and ask our driver to take it away next time he delivers.

Happy to have your goods supplied in re-used boxes?

We understand there are plenty of people who share our belief in going the extra mile,  if you also share this belief and are happy to accept goods in re-purposed boxes, please let your account manager know. So we can make arrangements.

Business Card Boxes are now fully recycled and recyclable

We could find no one who manufactured and sold business card boxes which supported our commitment to using recycled goods, so a little jiggery pokery on the design side and hey presto we have produced a unique and stylish box which not only meets our environmental needs but helps broadcast the number of services we now provide.


 Savings on the first print run were:
  269kg of landfill 
   5261 litres of water
   50kg of CO2 output
   437kg of wood

For more information, please feel free to contact us on 01423 881158 or email us at