Looking for something a little different? Fed up of scrolling down documents and brochures online and losing your spot on the page? Look no further, PlatinumHPL can help and Pageflip could be just what you are looking for.

Pageflip gives you the look and feel of a real book, with a ‘page turning’ effect, making reading online so much easier and enjoyable. Gone are the days of boring static PDF’s. Pageflip gives your documents a professional look and feel, with the power to engage your customers. It offers fast, easy everyday communication removing the need to send large, clunky and slow to download PDF’s.

What are the benefits?

Reach your audience everywhere

With 24/7 accessibility, Pageflip is available anywhere and anytime. Pageflip publications support HTML5 working on both Apple and Android devices flawlessly. There are no special software requirements to view Pageflip documents.

Interactive user experiences

Keep your customers engaged. Make your PDFs interactive by adding links and videos to your content to make the most out of your documentation. Your customers will also be able to:

• Search keywords 
• Zoom in and out 
• Download and save as a static PDF 
• Print all or sections of the document 
• Click on a table of contents or thumbnail to jump to sections 

Accessible content

You can create the best document in the world with engaging and creative content, but if your customers are struggling to access the information they need, your work is in vain. Pageflip makes the document accessible anywhere and at any time. With content that is easy to read, explore and use, your customers are sure to be more engaged.

Content Protection

At PlatinumHPL we take security very seriously. Being ISO27001 certified we don’t take any risks with our customers’ information and data, including documentation. By converting your PDF documents into Pageflip, you stay in control, even when they go online, enabling you to protect them from illegal distribution of your publication.

Large documents causing distribution issues, no problem

Fed up of trying to send large PDF documents to customers viewing it on their mobile phone with a slow internet connection? Worry no more. With Pageflip you can send documents with 100’s of pages at the click of a button. Your customers will be able to open them instantly without waiting for it to download. Pageflip documents can also be saved onto a CD or USB stick for off-line presentations.

Tailor made for you

Create the user experience you know your customers will want:

• Colour schemes can be changed to match your brand
• Table of contents can be created from existing bookmarks within the original PDF
• Control buttons can be added or removed
• Hyperlinks are maintained from the original PDF

Cost savings

At PlatinumHPL we want our customers to get the best deal and be happy with the service they receive. By offering a few cost saving initiatives, we can help you save.

• All PlatinumHPL Pageflip files can be stored on your web server or we provide our own web hosting service at competitive rates.
• We can also provide an unbranded area for hosting documents for example: 
• If we are producing your artwork for your printing we are half way there already and are able to provide some cost savings on web service

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