Our Service Promise, high quality standards

Our Service Promise

At PlatinumHPL we take pride in offering a service which is both measurable and realistic against the capabilities we can offer in-house. Coupled with our broad range of expertise and knowledge, we believe quality, innovation and real added value are each essential ingredients to providing you, our customers, with the very best service possible. The below service promise is a representation of what we commit to and provides a benchmark for what you can expect as a very minimum whilst working with us:

PlatinumHPL can guarantee to provide the highest quality standards possible, cemented by our ISO 9001 and Pantone accreditations, as well as our commitment to on-going evaluation and continual improvement.

All measures practicably possible are carried out at PlatinumHPL to improve environmental performance, through regularly monitoring suppliers, technology and business processes, whilst offering proven standards including our FSC certification, rarely seen ISO 14001 accreditation and partnership with the World Land Trust.

We are realistic in our promises and are reliable in fulfilling them. This is achieved through taking the time to understand your needs, investing in high-tech processes and employing conscientious people who care.

Account Management
Each client is assigned an internal account manager who will have the specialist expertise and knowledge required to work with your business, providing a single point of contact for all projects undertaken.

Customer Service
We will, at all times, respond to customer’s needs promptly and efficiently, and aim to create long-standing and mutually beneficial relationships forged around total customer satisfaction.

Brand Management
PlatinumHPL has a dedicated design and marketing team who are skilled in developing strong brand identities, through producing creative and memorable visuals which build your reputation and awareness consistently across all media channels.

PlatinumHPL offers an unrivalled range of expertise and technology within each of our specialist service areas, all of which are supplied in-house including: Print; Mailing; Design; Display; Digital; and Promotional.

PlatinumHPL invest continuously in developing a proposition which is fulfilled entirely in-house and is tailored to meet the needs of our customers, offering real added value and therefore exceptional value for money.

Support at PlatinumHPL is offered without limitation, where we are proud to have the very highest level of expertise available within each of our given fields, and are happy to share this with you, guiding you where necessary, through each of your projects.

At PlatinumHPL we constantly evaluate the performance of our equipment and technology, so we can continue to make all the necessary investments to provide the most environmentally sustainable and cost efficient solutions to each of our clients.

Added Value
We take pride in offering innovative solutions which offer real added value to our clients including Web2Print Ordering, Online Proofing, Free Recycling Services, Client Reward Schemes, Quality & Environmental Accredited Standards and much more.

Time Frames
PlatinumHPL has implemented advanced technology such as bespoke workflow and MI systems, together with Web2Print ordering and online proofing capabilities, allowing us to guarantee the prompt and reliable delivery of each project, in line with required timeframes, without exception.

We believe in the value of long-standing relationships and take a great deal of time in getting to know our customers. We encourage 2-way communication and value all feedback in order that we can continue to meet customer needs as closely as possible.

The foundations for the relationships we develop with our clients at PlatinumHPL are based around being both open and honest in everything we do.

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For more information, please feel free to contact us on 01423 881158 or email us at sales@platinumhpl.co.uk.